McGill Architecture Students’ Association



The Architecture Student Association (ASA) is the undergraduate student government of the School of Architecture at McGill University.

The undergraduate study of architecture is challenging, the long hours put into, late-night studio brainstorming. it could be overwhelming yet undeniably rewarding. By the end of your study, you would be a lot more confident and intentional about your work. We aim to support all architecture undergraduate students with available resources for a memorable university experience.


Ankit Gongal

Dabin Choi
VP Academic

George-Etienne Adam
VP Internal

Max Sterry
VP Internal

William Nielsen
VP External

Kevin Lehoux
VP Finance

Hao Wang
VP Communications

Andrew Jiao
VP Admin

Mike Gallo
VP Admin

Olivier Lalancette
VP Colloquim

Keyan Ye
Brown Bag Lecture Coordinator 

Emillie Marcoux
Brown Bag Lecture Coordinator

Peter Ehvert
Student Life

Maylee Birks
U3 Representative

Nathalie Marj
U2 Representative

Michael Kurt
U1 Representative

Chen Zhuofan
U0 Representative


Are you a current McGill architecture undergraduate student? Do you have any ideas for events, academics questions or just general wonderings?

Are you someone who is interested in applying to McGill Architecture for undergraduate studies, and is wondering what the program is like?

Don't hesitate to write to us and we will answer your questions at our best!
overheard in the studio:

"You should tried to put some cows in your sectional drawings...but it wouldn’t be nice for the cows."

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School of Architecture

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815 Sherbrooke Street West
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